Drowzee Pokemon GO - Stats, Evolution, Moves - Round-Up

Drowzee - Stats, Evolution, Moves

Want to see Drowzee evolve into hypnotoad, learn the stats, moves, etc., read on Pokemon Go fan!

By Hiroku Numi 

We thought this would be a cool article to guest write for hypnosis society, because it's all about transformation, even if it is anime, Drowzee evolving into hypnotoad! What? Did you say, I want to watch Drowzee evolve? Drowzee goes from a chubby, cute, little elephanty chunk with a half trunk to a badass wolf like anime with a white ruffle collar holding a string and hollow centered medallion, to hypnotize its enemies with. Whoa! Go hero hypnosis! 

Here's the Youtube to watch: 

And, you want Drowzee stats? Check here

Now, this is fun with hypnosis!


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