Road Hypnosis & Highway Hypnosis Is Real, AKA Velocitizing

Even as far back as the 1990s, highway hypnosis has been talked and high school psychology classes. Road hypnosis is a real phenomenon that some people also call velocitizing (velocitize: getting drowsy because of long travel at high velocities on open highways - Merriam-webster).

highway hypnosis
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash
With road hypnosis someone is basically driving down the highway sometimes for hours and hours and then falling asleep after looking at the lines (solid or dotted) on the highway and feeling the motion steadily lull them to sleep.

So in some senses when one asks what is road hypnosis, it's really a matter of going into a hypnotic trance and then depending on the depth of that trance on to sleep, and probably an ensuing wreck (who can drive with their eyes shut!?)

According to self there are 4 stages of trance. The first is a light trance and almost anybody can achieve it it's really just a matter of focusing the attention, like you would driving down the road looking at those lines pass at the steady rate. Then there is something called a apparent somnambulism, where the subject goes a little deeper into trance but maybe not deep enough for anaesthesia to occur. And then there is the third stage of trance true somnambulism, where are the mind and body art totally relaxed. This is the state that many therapist say is desirable and order for suggestions and hypnosis to be effective. And then the 4th State is basically, and that depth of trance make calls bliss or euphoria. This state of hypnosis maybe to deep for therapeutic work but getting back to the highway hypnosis you can see how falling into deeper states of trance can eventually result in sleep which is not recommended or safe while driving.

If you would like to share your own story about how road hypnosis otherwise known as highway hypnosis occurred in your life and what you did to overcome or prevent it, email us with your name and response.


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