Pdf: Scripts And Strategies In HypnoTherapy By Roger Allen

Pdf: Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works - Review 

Below is an excerpt from Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy (here it is on Amazon): 

Eyes Sealed Shut Rapid Induction By Roger Allen

Okay, now we will do some hypnosis, and I know that you will be
wondering whether you will easily go into a trance ... I can tell you
now that what will happen is natural and normal as I ask you to
utilise your own ability to relax and drift into a very deep state of
relaxation ... the state known as hypnosis. It is so very true that
provided you just follow the simple instructions that I give to you
...you will drift into hypnosis. Of course ... you can resist me ...
but that is not what you came here for ... is it?

Await response.

So make yourself very comfortable now ... and just look at a spot
on my hand right here as you listen to my voice ... concentrating
fully on that spot on my hand ... without allowing your eyes to
move away from that spot on my hand ... Very soon, perhaps
now... you will become aware of how heavy your eyes become so
quickly ... they will want to blink and that’s fine ... perhaps they
become a little watery ... or a little dry ... and that’s fine too ... they
can feel so heavy and so tired ... droopy and drowsy ... and it
would be so nice to just allow them to close ... as I bring my hand
down slowly ... past your eyes ... past your nose ... past your
mouth ... closing ... closing ... and closed now. That’s good ...
already you are beginning to relax and feel so very comfortable.

Now I am going to touch your forehead with my finger ... here. I
am locking your eyes from the outside as you lock them from the

inside ... and as I count from one to five you will find them lock-
ing tighter and tighter:

One. Eyes tightly closed.
Two. Locking tight and sealing shut.
Three. Sealing shut as though they were glued.
Four. The more that you try to open them the tighter they become.
Five. Now satisfy yourself ... make a try and find them locking
tighter and tighter. Now allow that feeling ... a wave of relaxation
... to flow down through your body ... arms ... legs ... your whole
body becoming loose and free as all tension flows from you and
you relax deeper... ever deeper ... with every word that I speak.
Continue with deepener and session.


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